Saturday, December 4, 2010

There has been a death in the family

Breaking news!!!!
There has been a sad tragedy this morning.
The carpet snake from this post has obviously been still lingering around.
Unfortunately one of Ella's guinea pigs was on its menu this morning.
Poor Ella was the one to find it as she went to top up their food this morning.
Very traumatic for my animal loving girl.
She was just recovering from having a 'bush mouse' die in her hands yesterday despite resuscitation attempts. Poor darling girl.


  1. Gross. Very sad. I hope that carpet snake gets driven and dropped off in the bush a long way away. Our neighbours found a snake half way in their guinea pigs cage. Lucky they were just in time. The cage stayed indoors, until they got the tiny chicken mesh to enclose it all. It seems snakes can sniff those little pets out a mile away. Hope Ella is okay.

  2. Oh my good Lord! My condolences. Poor Ella indeed. Poor guinea piggus.

    I pray that snake is dead now. Gives me the creeps!

    I hope everyone recovers.

  3. Thanks Ladies, she is recovering. Putting up the Xmas tree has improved her spirits. 'Snake Dad' has taken it up to some nearby bush with his very interested sidekick, Ned Kelly.


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