Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday silliness

To work out who has won the Far Far Away material I have asked Ned Kelly for assistance
(AKA Charlie with a cut-up beer carton on his head)

He is very excited to be doing such an important job. 
Ned performed well under the immense pressure.

Oh the suspense and excitement!

 And the winner is......(drumroll)......... Bianca!!
Congratulations Bianca!
I have sent you an email, so contact me asap so I can send it to you.
Thanks for playing.

 Other excitement here today was a visit from a carpet snake.
I have a belief that he was visiting to see the bunting. Hubby doesn't agree.

Here he is making a beeline for the house. 
Just what everyone needs in their roof-a carpet snake.
He was averted with a broom and hopefully slithered away somewhere far far away.


  1. Whoa that's a big snake. Ned is super cute!

  2. You're very brave. A snake sighting would make me want to move house. Ned is a great helper! Thanks for visiting my blog too. x

  3. OMG. He's a big snake. Laughed about visiting the bunting. x


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