Friday, November 12, 2010

Our first Caravan

"Vincent Viscount"

Here is our first caravan. 
How cute is he?

How fabulously retro is the colour scheme.
More photos to come but he was orange and brown on the inside too.
A gorgeous chap from Hervey Bay did a wonderful job 'renovating' him inside and out.
I revelled in 'redecorating' him on the inside.

We bought him to see if we liked the whole caravanning/ camping thing.
We naturally fell in love with it.

Sadly we found Vincent a bit to small and the setup to time consuming.
He only had one double bed inside so Hubby had to set up a big annex with walls, cover it with tarp, put up bunk beds etc etc.

Vincent went to a good home but I do miss him.
He was a character.



  1. I'm going to annoy you now. I hope you'll do more on your caravans. I have a bit of a caravan thing ... I have horrible childhood memories of them ... but love the whole groovy, retro vibe of them now.

    Can you show some of your interiors? What do you look for in a caravan? What are some of the pros and cons of owning one?

    Seriously. Interested.

  2. I say what MMMC says - I'm considering a caravan purchase. I miss Vincent.


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