Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getaway report

Yep it was a hoot!
Plenty of laughs, food, softdrink, luxury, taking your undisturbed time about things, laughs, laughs and more laughs. 
Love the family but gee it was good to get away.
Some locals directed us to the BEST destination: Bangalow.
This little place ticked many a box for me I have to say.
Lots of vintage. Lots of creativeness. Lots of good local food and restaurants. Lots of nice locals.
What a discovery.
The monthly market was on in the showgrounds and it was great.
It is huge so if you ever plan to go, leave early and spend the day.
Bangalow Markets

The pub was unreal, the old beauty saved with a touch of modernness. Great lunch was had there.

Great doors everywhere in the pub. Cute dog patiently waiting outside.
Discovered "Heath's Collectibles" in a tucked away lane way.
Treasure trove of great stuff.
Heath is a friendly chap, keen for a chat.

Some wares from Heath's collectibles
Back to good ol' reality today with a bit more energy and enthusiasm. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Flea Market Find

My flea market find this week is another souvenir scarf discovered in a local Uniting Church thrift shop.
It is from the Niagara Falls, Canada.
I couldn't go past the lovely yellow colour.

There are some funny descriptions on these scarves. They give me a laugh.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm off on a road trip

(Well not really, just trying to sound hip and cool)
(3) great gals and myself are off for a (2) night getaway.
Can't wait.

We are off to this great looking place at Kingscliff, northern NSW.
There will be lots of laughs, lots of food, no kids, lots of softdrink (ha), adventure, crocheting, no kids etc etc.
Our first adventure will be finding Nimbin, and hopefully find some fruity, crafty market to dwell in for a few hours.
Who nows where to after that????

Got to go pack, Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Creative space

Much of the same creative stuff in the space today.
The laminator has been in overdrive.

Bookmarks/ Christmas cards for the boys of Ella and James' classes. Relented to pressure and bought some cheap and nasty candy canes. They colour co-ordinate well I think.

Ella's creative space today.
A lego self portrait.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Laminator Love

I have always wanted a laminator.
I bought a cheap one from Aldi, it was very dodgy.
Took that one back.

I caved yesterday and bought a half decent one from good old KMart.

So instead of cooking a nice dinner yesterday I laminated everything in sight.

Then I came up with this idea (after some experimenting)

Ella and I made these laminated bookmarks for the girls in her class.
She will add them to her end of year Christmas cards.
Much more healthier than a candy cane.

Amazing what you can do with some card stock, rubber stamp, and some of that cute Japanese tape.

She added a very touching, sentimental message to each one. (sorry about the sarcasm)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday morning op shop hop

A few more 'treasures' collected this morning. 
There is an underlying kitsch travel souvenior theme (just to warn you).

Aussie linen teatowel. Apparently it is a good idea to soak these beauties in salt water before washing to help 'hold the colour'.

(4) cross stitched placemats. I have a few different things in mind for these.

As embarrassing as it is, I cannot go past these hand knitted toys. This one is in absolute mint condition. I have a strong feeling that Ned Kelly (AKA Charlie) is going to take a liking to this one.

This tablecloth is a gift for a friend who loves anything with hibiscus flowers on it.
Finally, I have added to our coathanger collection and for 50c I could not pass on these souvenior Florida coasters.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flea Market finds

This is once again not a true flea market find, but it literally walked through my door today.
Hubby is helping his sister fix up her house for sale. 
Ella was with them today and saved this old sifter from the 'skip'. 
She knew I would like it.
She has a keen eye, my little scavenger.
It used to belong to Hubby's mother, so I am glad she nabbed it.
Good work Ella!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fabric Friday

I love Fridays.
Who doesn't?

My Friday morning was pretty average but it has ended with a big bang!!
The boys and I stopped at the shops and made a quick detour to a Lifeline store.

This particular store is usually not very fruitful but today it was!!
A double bed vintage sheet set still in the packaging!

This is something you don't see much.
I am unsure what to do with these 'luxury, 100% cotton, made in Australia' sheets.
Perhaps I will just quilt both sides together. 
Mmmm. Not sure.

On arrival home, this package was on the front doorstep.

These two lovely fabrics were inside.

Bird Patchwork fabric.
I am thinking cushions for this half yard.

Ronnie Walter 'Retro Campers' fabric was also in the package.  Something for the caravan will be made out of this very cute fabric.    I love Fridays.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My creative space

I am overwhelmed by unfinished projects in my 'creative space' today. 
Teacher's gifts; handmade Christmas cards; quilting vintage tablecloths; crocheted t-shirt rugs and the list goes on and on......
The creative space is full to the brim.
I am afraid none of it is getting done today unfortunately for reasons I won't bore you with.

Instead I am going to put the feet up and enjoy looking at this fab Frankie publication ('large format magazine' they have called it).
I stumbled across this at Border's today whilst wasting time.
"SPACES"  Where People Live, Work and Play.

"With a focus on carefully curated style, SPACES celebrates the unique vision and individuality of creative people living everywhere from Melbourne to Amsterdam".
(someone has a way with words)
1960's vintage wallpaper

The eclectic home of Danielle Thompson from Atlanta, USA

Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn. 
Tick of approval from Ned Kelly. 

Dottie Angel goodness in Los Angeles

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

Look at how my daughter spent her time this morning whilst waiting to go to swimming training. 
Very funny. She is not a child to sit idle.

 Those grade:9 typing lessons were such a long time ago. 
Funnily enough I did enjoy them.

I was pretty excited to find this old Big W "Chevron" for $5.00 at an op shop!
Some new ribbon from ebay and we are off and typing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Goodbye and thanks again Powderfinger

Yep it was great!!
It was a great end to a great career of a great band!!
(to much greatness for a Monday morning I realise)

Kicking myself today for not seeing them sooner.
Love their style: down to earth; understated; casual; unaffected; what you see is what you get etc etc
The concert is on itunes if you want to hear what they sounded like on Saturday night.

Some of the fans at the concert 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flea Market Find

Today I am joining "Flea Market Finds" hosted by Sophie at http://herlibraryadventures.blogspot.com/

I am cheating a bit as I bought this scarf a while ago, but it has turned into one of my favourite possessions.
I love wearing scarves and since finding this one the other scarves in my wardrobe rarely see the light of day.

What makes it even more special was what the lady in the op shop said to me when I bought it.
"This belonged to my deceased mother".

I was a bit taken aback and lost for words.
I can remember thinking in my head "quick say something appropriate here".

"I really love it, I promise to take good care of it"
"Did she travel alot?"

So it all ended well. She told me a couple of nice things about her Mum.
It was nice to learn something about the person who bought my favourite scarf many years ago in Perth.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanks Powderfinger

Very excited today!!!
We are fortunate to have tickets to Powderfinger's very very last concert at the Brisbane Riverstage tonight (thanks Sean).
We have wanted to see them for ages- our first and last all rolled into one.
Can't wait....

More inside shots of Vincent

Looking into the kitchen from the bed
Posted by Picasa

Saturday show and share. Caravan Love

Here are some 'inside' shots of Vincent the caravan.

I redecorated with orange gingham curtains, brown bed linen and orange spotty pillowcases.
We also had plenty of orange accessories to go with the orange and brown theme.
(plates, cups, blankets, towels, washers, tea towels)
Yep I went a bit overboard with the 'refurbishment'.
You couldn't miss us in any caravan park (even hiding under a massive tarp).

When we bought Vincent I hadn't learnt how to make quilts or crochet.
Gosh the possibilities are endless..........

This book by Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon is full of vintage caravan inspiration.
Plenty of ideas for Vincent in here.

Some brown and orange bunting would have looked nice.

A crocheted rug would have suited him well.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Our first Caravan

"Vincent Viscount"

Here is our first caravan. 
How cute is he?

How fabulously retro is the colour scheme.
More photos to come but he was orange and brown on the inside too.
A gorgeous chap from Hervey Bay did a wonderful job 'renovating' him inside and out.
I revelled in 'redecorating' him on the inside.

We bought him to see if we liked the whole caravanning/ camping thing.
We naturally fell in love with it.

Sadly we found Vincent a bit to small and the setup to time consuming.
He only had one double bed inside so Hubby had to set up a big annex with walls, cover it with tarp, put up bunk beds etc etc.

Vincent went to a good home but I do miss him.
He was a character.


Charlie Brown love

I loved Peanuts as a child.
It still makes me chuckle.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Port and Coathanger love

Thrifted Port Love

Thrifted coathanger love

My Creative space

My creative space today is end of year Teacher's presents.

My process has been held up by my boys lack of 'investigative skills'.

IE "Find out in a discreet manner what your teacher's favourite colour is" is perhaps to hard.
It turned into "Ask your teacher her favourite colour today please". Still waiting.......

For Ella's teacher, crochet 'something' to be added.....????

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday silliness

To work out who has won the Far Far Away material I have asked Ned Kelly for assistance
(AKA Charlie with a cut-up beer carton on his head)

He is very excited to be doing such an important job. 
Ned performed well under the immense pressure.

Oh the suspense and excitement!

 And the winner is......(drumroll)......... Bianca!!
Congratulations Bianca!
I have sent you an email, so contact me asap so I can send it to you.
Thanks for playing.

 Other excitement here today was a visit from a carpet snake.
I have a belief that he was visiting to see the bunting. Hubby doesn't agree.

Here he is making a beeline for the house. 
Just what everyone needs in their roof-a carpet snake.
He was averted with a broom and hopefully slithered away somewhere far far away.

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