Thursday, November 4, 2010

My creative space

I have always loved bunting.
My creative space today is this 'outdoor' bunting to drape around some trees near our trampoline.
Ella spends alot of time there 'just bouncing'.
This is made from mexican oilcloth. 
Hopefully it will stand up to the weather (at least for a while).


  1. What a great idea to make bunting out of oil cloth... that should last pretty much forever, right?


  2. beautiful, gotta love mexican oilcloth hey. i remember when i first discovered it in a tiny little shop in a basement in amsterdam where absolutely everything was made from mexican oilcloth - can you imagine, what a sight:) i've loved it ever since. love your blog:)

  3. thanks girls. I am thinking it will last a fairly long time. Amsterdam is certainly full of surprises.

  4. Bunting and I are such friends. I have draped bunting all the way around the outside of the trampoline and it looks so festive and amazing. Mine is just cloth and it's been going strong since January, so I'm sure yours' will last for ages and ages. x

  5. What a gorgeous combination! I hadn't thought of using oil cloth. Next time I will! I'm a big bunting girl too, that's what I wrote about last week on creative space..... x

  6. Fabtastic idea - what will you string it all together with - any chance a tiny tute? This might be my next project (after a door slam stopper). Love all the colours in your blog. Could live here.

  7. Looks fantastic. I love bunting too... and making it from oil cloth is SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!! Good thinking!


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