Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flea Market finds

This is once again not a true flea market find, but it literally walked through my door today.
Hubby is helping his sister fix up her house for sale. 
Ella was with them today and saved this old sifter from the 'skip'. 
She knew I would like it.
She has a keen eye, my little scavenger.
It used to belong to Hubby's mother, so I am glad she nabbed it.
Good work Ella!!


  1. Cool! I have to start training my kids. They're useless at the moment ... And that's a wonderful score.

  2. I have that! A friend very kindly gave me hers to match the cake tin I'd scored. Willow did some lovely stuff. So what are you going to bake?

  3. My Grandma had one that was similiar to this. I like this photo - looks great on the tablecloth.


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