Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Laminator Love

I have always wanted a laminator.
I bought a cheap one from Aldi, it was very dodgy.
Took that one back.

I caved yesterday and bought a half decent one from good old KMart.

So instead of cooking a nice dinner yesterday I laminated everything in sight.

Then I came up with this idea (after some experimenting)

Ella and I made these laminated bookmarks for the girls in her class.
She will add them to her end of year Christmas cards.
Much more healthier than a candy cane.

Amazing what you can do with some card stock, rubber stamp, and some of that cute Japanese tape.

She added a very touching, sentimental message to each one. (sorry about the sarcasm)


  1. Megan this is another stroke of creative genius!They look fab! Happy laminating.

  2. Amazing work! I can almost hear your mind thinking, thinking, thinking ... funny message!

    Laminating sounds as much fun as shredding paper! I could shred paper ALL DAY!

  3. I am stealing this idea! I've never used a laminator but I imagine I will be dangerous. Watch out cat.

  4. That is so much better than a candy cane. My eldest son is the same with the messages - at least it has correct spelling. xx


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