Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rainbow toes for Annie.....

Sending lots of rainbow well wishes and hugs to a lovely friend Annie and her beautiful family....

The battle will be rocky and challenging but the victory will be the sweetest ever!!

Lots of cute little people in our caravan park last week jumped at the chance to have rainbow toes (and fingers)  for Annie......

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Journey has begun.....

The caravan adventure has begun!!
We are (3) nights in and having a fantastic time!
We have headed west of Brisbane and are en route to Darwin in the Northern Territory.

The hospitality of  people in the country has been truly amazing and has added to our enjoyment immensely.
No pretences, things are what they are, and told as it is!

Our overnight stops so far have included Dalby, Mitchell and Barcaldine tonight.
1000kms travelled!

The landscape near Dalby

If you are interested pop over to our travel blog to see the adventures in more detail. 
Just click on the caravan picture in the right sidebar to view 'A Long Way Around'.
Feel free to say hi!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Creative space

Well the wheels are well and truly in motion here for the big around Australia adventure.
The excitement is mounting for this family of (5)!
The lists are getting shorter.
Farewells are being said.
Schoolwork is organised.
Busy, busy, busy!

I gathered a huge amount of motivation this week to finish the 'Winona' quilt to take on the journey.
Nothing like a deadline I say!
Yay! Finished, washed and hanging out to dry as I write this post.

I have also quickly whipped up several of these bags which will be used by the kids to put their pyjamas in (instead of leaving them on the floor).
They will look like a cushion really when they are stuffed full of pyjamas.

The Travel Journals were also completed this morning..
 The Sewing machine is being packed away.
Things are really getting serious around here.
Visit the blog 'Creative Spaces' for more  inspirational craftiness.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday funny from Pinterest

Zooming around on Pinterest (again) this morning and came across this Pin.

Great giggle for first thing on a Sunday morning.
Love Peanuts!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Preperation steps up....

A date has been set for departure!!
Very exciting I must say!

Naturally feeling like there is so much to do and so many things to think of.....

Naturally I am prioritising totally pointless things.
A trait that I have refined into an art.
For example, I found (3) identical Australian 1982 souvenir tea towels at a thrift store so they just HAD to be made into pillowcases for the kids.
Absolutely essential I say.
Cannot leave without them! 
Yes problems I do have!!

Thankfully, Hubby is doing constructive activities such as buying bird identification books; setting up mobile Internet; getting plumbers to fix leaking toilets; getting vehicle serviced; organising pool checks etc etc.

We all have our strengths I say.........

Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Creative Space

The sewing machine has been dusted off this week for a run.
Baby nephew Dominique is being baptised on Sunday so have been madly making him a quilt to mark the occasion.
I have really enjoyed using this colour combination.
There is plenty of speedy joy to be found in making a cot sized quilt.

Other craziness happening here this morning is just a little bit of 'chook hypnosis'.
Thank you Legoman from Bungalow bliss for putting us on to this.

Ella has redefined the art and has developed her own successful technique.
Very proud of my girl, something to put on her resume when she grows up.

Fiona enjoying her hypnosis.

For more creative enjoyment, head over here....
Hope you are having a lovely weekend....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I found true FMF gold on the footpath this week!!!
(It wasn't even curbside collection week!)
Could not believe my eyes as we drove past these on our way home from school.

Two lovely yellow Casala outdoor chairs with a sign that spoke to me and I therefore spoke back to it.
"Yep, would love to take you babies home!"
Just plain lovely and just what is needed around here.
The Bunning's $10 outdoor chairs have had their day.

The challenging quest is now on to find more of these at a price that suits the Accountant.
The Accountant has surprisingly discovered great joy in scrubbing and polishing these chairs after I mentioned perhaps getting them resprayed or recoated with something($$). 
They have come up a treat.......
I am still in a state of disbelief!!!
Thanks to Brismod for her meticulous, well researched advice on how to bring them back to life.

It was sport free Saturday yesterday so we decided to do a little road trip to a lovely little town called Pomona.
The town was abuzz with activity: markets, antique fairs, and day before anticipation of 'King of the Mountain'. (A gruelling 4.5km run up a mountain)
All the local thrift shops were open and we discovered these gorgeous old Nancy Drew books. Bargain at 50 cents each. Ella used to love these timeless novels.

I have a thing for flying ducks at the minute.
The birds are a bit pricey, so couldn't pass up this lonely cheap one in the Antique store. 
Will keep an eye out for more but they do seem pretty scarce.

I fell in love with this orange number at the Antique fair, amazing colour!!
Not sure why but this makes me think of cotton ball storage. Any other suggestions for usage would be appreciated. 

For more FMF's visit Sophie's place.
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