Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I found true FMF gold on the footpath this week!!!
(It wasn't even curbside collection week!)
Could not believe my eyes as we drove past these on our way home from school.

Two lovely yellow Casala outdoor chairs with a sign that spoke to me and I therefore spoke back to it.
"Yep, would love to take you babies home!"
Just plain lovely and just what is needed around here.
The Bunning's $10 outdoor chairs have had their day.

The challenging quest is now on to find more of these at a price that suits the Accountant.
The Accountant has surprisingly discovered great joy in scrubbing and polishing these chairs after I mentioned perhaps getting them resprayed or recoated with something($$). 
They have come up a treat.......
I am still in a state of disbelief!!!
Thanks to Brismod for her meticulous, well researched advice on how to bring them back to life.

It was sport free Saturday yesterday so we decided to do a little road trip to a lovely little town called Pomona.
The town was abuzz with activity: markets, antique fairs, and day before anticipation of 'King of the Mountain'. (A gruelling 4.5km run up a mountain)
All the local thrift shops were open and we discovered these gorgeous old Nancy Drew books. Bargain at 50 cents each. Ella used to love these timeless novels.

I have a thing for flying ducks at the minute.
The birds are a bit pricey, so couldn't pass up this lonely cheap one in the Antique store. 
Will keep an eye out for more but they do seem pretty scarce.

I fell in love with this orange number at the Antique fair, amazing colour!!
Not sure why but this makes me think of cotton ball storage. Any other suggestions for usage would be appreciated. 

For more FMF's visit Sophie's place.


  1. Those nancy drew books look lovely a great find!

    E :)

  2. You lucky lucky duck! What a score! Those Casala chairs are the bees knees!
    and how sweet is that little if they needed to say please...

  3. Oops I forgot King of the Mountain was on this weekend.
    Love your op shop and antique store finds.
    The Casala chairs are gorgeous, much better than Bunnings outdoor chairss!

  4. and they say there's no such thing as a free lunch!! how amazing, you are so lucky. they are very cool, i would have paid some money to own them, so to get them for free... wow, what a score!

  5. those chairs are perfection, great score!

  6. G.R.E.A.T chairs, unbelievable good luck, go buy lotto ticket now!!!

  7. You're back with gusto!!

    Yeehah! Brilliant finds! Couldn't do any better than Yellow Casala chairs. I did think of Brismod's cleaning post, but you're there already!

  8. Woo hoo! Love your new chairs. Much better than a Bunnings chair anyday! xx

  9. Wow great finds between the chairs and the nancy drew books, oh and yes screams cotton balls in that great jar. Stacey.

  10. The chairs! The duck! The fabulous LOLLY JAR!!! You were so lucky you could fit those chairs in the car with the kids!

  11. Fabulous old Nancy Drew books! Makes me want to pull one of mine off the shelf and reread. They always remind me of summertime and visits to my grandmother's for a week. (My grandparents would buy me several books of my choice and I always chose Nancy Drew.)

  12. Wow! You are so lucky to get those chairs, love them so much! Also loving your old Nancy Drew books. :)

  13. I just picked my jaw up of the floor... Those chairs - WOW!

  14. Those chairs are a ridiculously amazing roadside find!

  15. Curbside casala's in banana yellow- score of the century. melx

  16. WOW! THOSE CHAIRS! I can only fantasise about someone leaving a few of those by the roadside around here...
    Oh, and thank you so much for adding my blog to your sidebar! x


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