Friday, July 22, 2011

Back on the scene....

Oh my lordy, I had well and truly lost my blogging momentum......(2) months has flown by in the blink of an eye....

 Thank you to all who have been in contact and wondered what the heck is going on here.
Essentially, all is going well. 
Ella is doing really well, back at school and getting into normal activities again which is great.
 She is such an Amazing child, we are both very proud of our girl!

So much to talk about but I think I will try and keep it brief.......

My most joyous news is that we did a wee road trip in the new van and so absolutely love it!
It has a wonderful layout, is very warm, lots of storage, is apparently easy to tow (because it has lots of wheels) and a b-i-g fridge! (which equates to less trips to Coles)

It would have been great to keep on going down (or up) the track but appointments drew us back to Brisbane.
There is no set date for the big departure but fingers crossed, sooner rather than later!!

Things to do in gorgeous Stanthorpe: running through vineyards; making fires; climbing up to the top of a big rock (Girraween NP) in near freezing conditions; and pretending you can move massive granite boulders. Oh and of course sampling some (or many) lovely local wines......  
Desperately looking for whales out at sea at Fingal Beach and Coff's Harbour.  Sorry Charlie no-one is living in the lighthouse.
Experiencing minus one degrees in Armidale and waking up to frost, Brrrrrr. Very exciting for Brissy kids..despite the difficult trips to the toilet. 
All just good ol' fashion simple family livin'and fun.
It just always astounds me how little we need to live and how simple life can be really.
Housework can be finished after you've made the beds, swept the floor and washed the clothes and dishes.
You gotta love it.
It's good to be back.
You are a great bunch.


  1. How lovely to have you back!
    Wonderful news about Ella. It sounds like you're feeling better too.
    Stanthorpe in winter is so lovely. We spent every second Sunday at Girraween when we were kids. That's where groovy 70's Mumma climbed the pyramid in her kelly green platforms. It is truly kid heaven!

  2. Looks like you have managed to squeeze in some good times. Photos are lovely. Glad to hear all is good with you and your family. A huge welcome back to you...and about time as you have been missed!! :)

    Pam x

  3. Yay! Yay! Yay!

    If I could I'd crochet those words in some kind of bunting thing for the 'van.

    I'm so glad you're back. I'm thrilled Ella's doing well. And I'm stoked you've been out in the van.

    Actually, now you're back I've decided I need a caravan again. Rats.

    You have been missed. xoxoxo

  4. I wondered where you'd got to.Simplify life-sounds wonderful,glad to hear you are all well. A little caravan for a few nights away would be bliss.

  5. Glad to hear all is well. Your caravan rocks, and your road trip sounds like fun. I love that chores are minimal while on the road - a good life! xx

  6. Just think, if we lived in little houses we could have permanently shorter lists of housework! Welcome back.

  7. Good to hear you are all going well. bet you cant wait for THE big trip!


  8. Welcome back it sounds like you were having way to much fun to be sitting in front of the computer. Beautiful photos of your trip away, sounds like fun and I like the idea of quick housework there are definitely better things to do:) Home you had a good weekend.


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