Sunday, January 30, 2011

More softies for toy drive

Rabbit one (R1) and Rabbit two (R2) are all finished and ready to head off and join all the other softies at Monpetitpoppet's "Hope Softies" toy drive..

R1 and R2 were made using this pattern from Aussie designer Kristen Doran. 
The rabbits are quick and easy to make, and very suitable for babies/ toddlers as there are no 'choking' hazards attached.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Yep MORE teatowels

I had a lovely morning yesterday catching up with a couple of good friends for morning tea (which turned into lunch).

They understand (well know of) the 'teatowel obsession'.
One of them had these lovely vintage floral numbers in her stash of stuff.
She was going to include them in a quilt but it wasn't turning into anything special.

The tea towel 'gods' where on my side when she pulled them out and 'respectfully' handed them over to moi!!

What a great friend!
What a great day!

It's raining teatowels around here!!

I don't really understand my obsession with kitsch vintage tea towels, but I recently purchased these Australiana tea towels off EBay from an American.

He/She obviously had made a trip 'Down Under' and bought them as souveniors.

They only cost $10, bargain!! (oh and postage was $15)

They are all 100% Linen, in mint condition and really lovely.

Destined to be an 'Australiana quilt' (one day)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

My creative space

My creative space is consumed at the present by making things to donate to the flood victims of Brisbane.

I had this softie made for a friend's baby and I am sure she won't mind if I donate  it to Monpetitpoppet's Hope Softies drive.

I need to get the cobwebs off the sewing machine and make a few more (as well as a quilt for Quilts for Queensland)'s all more procrastination....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vintage vans

Some of the gorgeous vintage vans that I admired on our latest holiday.
I desperately wanted to look inside the yellow one but never caught the owners eye for a chat. Dam it!! 

(Sorry about the numerous posts today. I have discovered Picnik and I am in an editing frenzy....)

Back to school (take two)

I can  remember taking Ella and James into grade one like it was yesterday.

I remember the classrooms vividly, the teachers and who they sat with on their first day.

I have a terrible memory, so I am unsure why I remember this so well...
Maybe because I refresh this memory once every year or maybe just because it is such a significant day in a child's life (and a mother's life).

Regardless, it feels like yesterday......they grow up so fast....

Back to school

My gorgeous boy off to grade one.
No dramas, no tears.
'See you later Mum'

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mid Century Blythes

Ella spent some (most) of her Christmas gift money on Blythe furniture and accessories.
We picked up the bits and pieces from the post office today.
I have to say there seems to be a bit of a mid century feel about the purchases.
Perhaps we were influenced by some of our fellow mid century blogging friends.
Mind you,  I have desired some of these panton chairs for a while now.
After I rob the bank I might buy some.....ha, never to be.

Some new glasses with lenses

Fern is looking marvellous in her new casual outfit, sunglasses, and converses. She appears very comfortable (and groovy) in her mid-century lounge chair. She just needs a glass of Pimms in her hand....

Back from holidays and some Flea Market Finds

Gosh I think I lost my blogging 'mojo' on holidays.
It seemed totally wrong to be blogging about happy holidays when there was such tragedy occurring in our home city.

Here is an amazing link to see how poor old Brissy looked during the January floods. They are the most amazing before and 'during the flood' shots.

After I finish wading through the 'post-camping' washing and getting the kids back off to school I am getting into some sewing for the flood victims.

Corrie from Retromummy has set up "Quilts for Queensland" which is a wonderful effort. She is one busy mother of (4) so if you can help her in any way please do.
You can make a quilt block; a whole quilt; quilt the finished products; or just donate supplies.
A handmade quilt is a special thing to give to someone who has suffered such losses.
Just click on the button in my sidebar and take a look. 

Steph from Monpetitpoppet has organised a 'softie drive' where you can make soft toys/dolls for the children of Brisbane affected by the floods. Monkeemoomoo is also hosting a dolly drive for the kids of Brisbane. There are free downloadable dolly patterns to use if you are interested in contributing.

My ADD craft brain doesn't know where to start---quilts or dolls???

Lastly some 'Flea Market Finds' from our holidays.
Pop over to Sophie's for some other great FMFs..

I came across this lovely barkcloth dress at an Antique shop (bit like the Woolloongabba Antique Centre set up) at Miami. 
The stall owner told me it was from the 70's and that it came from New York! 
She has a seller in New York that sends her trunks of this sort of old clothing from around America. 
I believe (or fantasise) this gorgeous dress was owned by a gorgeous 'Betty White' type who used to live in Florida. She used to wear it to afternoon drinks by the pool, sipping 'pink flamingos'.
We did a day trip to Tamborine mountain on holidays and in a cute little antique/ collectibles shop I dug around and found this mint condition single bed bedspread from the 70's. 
I am not sure what this will become yet, the creative thinking cap is on. 
Love the colours and the tassells!!
All the best to the kids who went back to school today. 
I hope there wasn't to many tears around Brisbane.
My three are back tomorrow, so we are last minute book shopping and book covering today.
Nothing like leaving it to the last minute.
Last day of holidays, gosh time flies......

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The cleanup begins

The flood waters are receding and the massive task of cleaning up the city has begun. 20 000 civilian volunteers and 1200 defence force personnel are helping the flood affected. Amazing effort!!!

I just can't believe the 'enormity' of the situation and what some of the residents of SouthEast Queensland have been through. 16 confirmed deaths. 20 people still unaccounted for (revised from 53).

Much loved homes and belongings destroyed by stinking mud. Beautiful old and treasured things destroyed by mud. Returning to their homes must have been so so distressing.

I feel so guilty that we are here in our caravan on holidays experiencing relative normality and there are people in Brisbane whose lives have been turned totally upside down.

We have donated money and when we return we want to be involved somehow with helping those affected. Any effort (no matter how small) will make a difference.

Many many thanks to the wonderful blogging craft community who have pulled things together to raise money for flood victims. My thinking cap is on and i have some ideas as to how i can contribute. Can't wait to get home and get started.

A great place to go and be involved in the auctions is over at Toni Coward's blog (Make it Perfect). Toni has done a great job of organizing this. It truly is a great effort.

Some of the auctions have started. The majority will start tomorrow (Monday). Keep an eye on Toni's blog, there will be over 300 auctions of fabulous crafty stuff.
My heartfelt thanks to everyone who is getting involved.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brisbane floods

So not good! So devastating!!
The flood situation in South-East Queensland continues to deteriorate.
Loss of property, livelihood and worst of all, loss of life.
It is unimaginable what some people have been through or about to go through.
Please fellow Brisbanites stay away from any hint of danger and keep yourselves safe!!!!
This will be over soon and we will rebuild our lovely city and help those who have suffered.

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Charlie's Blythe doll

During the rainy weather yesterday Ella & I visited some local thrift shops along the main highway here at the coast.
We found an assortment of bits and bobs, nothing to exciting.

I picked up this 'unusual' looking doll for $1.00 because she had some jeans on and I thought I would risk my $1.00 and see if the jeans fit our Blythe dolls.

We get home from shopping and as a joke I said to charlie "I bought you a doll love". So he rushes out to the car to see his new doll.

Well we are all a bit surprised at his affection towards his new 'Blythe doll" which he initially named Trixie but has since changed her name to "Blondie".

I have never seen this type of doll before, but in her heyday she must of made sound as she has a battery and speaker.

Blondie looks like she was well loved and like the toys on Toy Story she has left "Sunnyside" and found a new devoted owner (for a while anyhow).

So here she is, charlie's new 'Blythe' doll Blondie........

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Monday, January 10, 2011

The caravan tour

Well the (2) week holiday has begun and the weather has been very kind so far (in that it is only drizzling occasionally and not pouring rain).
This helps immensely with setting up.

Unfortunately our camping buddies are stuck in Gympie as the Bruce highway is impassable from flooding. They will hopefully make it here tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed!!

So I thought I would give you a quick tour of the caravan whilst it is looking reasonably neat.

Here is the sink, pantry, fridge, microwave and the all important air conditioner. Yep we do it real tough when we go camping (if you can call it camping).

Most of the time Charlie and I sleep down this end of the caravan.

Here is the stovetop. We usually cook outside on bbqs etc so the cooktop is rarely used.

This is Usually Ella's bed. The sleeping configuration can change from night to night. This area in the caravan is the actual dining/lounge area, but as you can see hubby has converted it into a bed.

Here is the other end of the caravan, which is usually where James and hubby sleep.
We camp a lot with friends so this can often turn into a 'hangout zone' for the kids: watching movies, drawing, playing games, craft etc.

Finally, here is the outside area. Hubby is fantastic at maneuvering the van right alongside the slab. I don't know how he gets it into the tightest of Spots, but he does. It is amazing to watch and not have to say or do to much.

Tomorrow hubby will need some 'tarp time' to erect the mother of all tarps so we have a bit more 'dry space' around the caravan.

Well I hope you have enjoyed the 'tour'. As you can see it is very comfortable set-up. Yep I do love camping.....

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Holiday Time

We are off tomorrow for a caravan holiday by the beach.
I am hoping to continue blogging whilst away but computers and I aren't as 'compatible' as I would like.

Ella and I have done 'test' blogs which published (after much research) but goodness knows what will happen when we are put through our paces in a caravan park with wi-fii.

The weather has been quite 'unstable' of late, but we are staying in the middle of civilisation, so there is always the bowling alley to visit if we get stuck.

Not that I would ever complain about the weather when there is alot of Queensland areas dealing with severe flooding.
Seeing images of houses under water and livestock swimming is very very sad.
Life on the land is hard enough without having to deal with flood and loss.
It was only yesterday that drought was the enemy, now it is flowing water.
The rain just has to stop soon so that people can get on with the clean up and restart a normal life.
Brisbane weather this morning. Dark, dismal and wet, wet, wet.

Hopefully you will hear from us soon.

Test blog

Ella has had a busy day. A bit of yummy cookie baking and some embroidery to pass the the time.
We are off in the caravan tomorrow for a beach holiday. Weather permitting.
This post is a test to see if I can blog from another device.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mrs. Stanley's lemon butter

I was very fancy (not like me) and domestic today and made some lemon butter.
I found an easy enough recipe so I thought I would have a go.
It turned out quite well.

Whilst whisking the mixture over a double saucepan for 20 minutes (quite agonizing for me), I remembered Hubby's mother (Kath) gave me a recipe for lemon butter years ago.
I had made it before but decided to tuck it away because I have very little self control when it comes to lemon butter, and 250 grams of butter is a little to much to consume in several days.

The recipe was "Mrs.Stanley's".
Mrs. Stanley was Hubby's Aunty's Mother-in-law (sorry about the brain teaser) and every Xmas she would bring little lemon tarts with homemade tart shells to Xmas dinner.
They were something to look forward to I can assure you!
Here is a photo of Mrs. Stanley's lemon butter recipe hand written by Kath.

The scrawl next to Kath's writing is mine.
It is the conversion for a metric double batch.

It was nice to think about these two lovely ladies today (they have both passed away sadly) and remember those Xmas' when they were both there. (And I was probably in a corner somewhere quietly stuffing lemon butter tarts in my mouth)

Feel free to jot down the recipe.
It is really good!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boy stuff

Sadly, my big boy James has grown out of/ lost interest in Lego (toy of the century).
It used to give him a real buzz finishing a Lego project.

He used to also really enjoy making his own creations.
We would get blow by blow descriptions of the capabilities of his masterpieces.

Lego has kept him entertained for years.

So now we have moved on to something different.
Santa gave it to him for Christmas.

It is called 'Warhammer 40,000'.
It is a strategy battle game.

You construct and hand paint all the figurines (very intricate) and other accessories.
The shop (Games Workshop)  allows you to bring your figurines in and they teach you the techniques to make them look great.

James is really enjoying the artistic process.
Mum is pleased to see him off electronic games, seeing him engaged in something using his hands, and even reading instruction manuals etc.

The jury is still out on Warhammer 40,000.
Nothing beats Lego in my mind.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't look if you have a weak stomach!

Ella and Charlie love animals but this is ridiculous!
You can even see the slime trails!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vintage wallpaper suits the Blythe dolls

New dress made for Ruby today.

HNY once again and there is a new blogger on the block

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.
I hope you all enjoy good times, good health and  prosperity throughout 2011.

I don't make resolutions any more as they are never kept or thought of much.
I just prefer to think of some 'no pressure' goals to try and achieve (maybe).
  • Finishing  projects before starting some new ones
  • No more fabric purchases until we have returned from caravan adventure
  • Increase the size of the recipe repertoire 
  • Enjoy cooking more
  • Encourage kids to cook more
  • Fill up the petrol tank before the empty light comes on.
  • Take the time to comment on the lovely blogs I 'lurk' around
  • Get out of bed earlier and do some 'mild' exercise (and sustain it)
  • Visit op shops much much less
  • A community minded activity (that isn't related to the children)
  • Work more (paid work) to help pay for petrol for Caravanning adventure
Yep, shall see how that goes for 2011.

Ella has been inspired by some other young girls who have Blythe dolls and blog.
"The Secret Life of Ruby' was started several days ago and is written in the 'first person' from her doll Ruby's perspective.

Ella really enjoys reading and writing journal's etc so writing a blog seems like a natural progression.
(I still can't believe she is playing with dolls. It makes my heart sing.)
Getting time on the computer seems a little bit more difficult now though.
Feel fee to visit.

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