Monday, January 24, 2011

Back from holidays and some Flea Market Finds

Gosh I think I lost my blogging 'mojo' on holidays.
It seemed totally wrong to be blogging about happy holidays when there was such tragedy occurring in our home city.

Here is an amazing link to see how poor old Brissy looked during the January floods. They are the most amazing before and 'during the flood' shots.

After I finish wading through the 'post-camping' washing and getting the kids back off to school I am getting into some sewing for the flood victims.

Corrie from Retromummy has set up "Quilts for Queensland" which is a wonderful effort. She is one busy mother of (4) so if you can help her in any way please do.
You can make a quilt block; a whole quilt; quilt the finished products; or just donate supplies.
A handmade quilt is a special thing to give to someone who has suffered such losses.
Just click on the button in my sidebar and take a look. 

Steph from Monpetitpoppet has organised a 'softie drive' where you can make soft toys/dolls for the children of Brisbane affected by the floods. Monkeemoomoo is also hosting a dolly drive for the kids of Brisbane. There are free downloadable dolly patterns to use if you are interested in contributing.

My ADD craft brain doesn't know where to start---quilts or dolls???

Lastly some 'Flea Market Finds' from our holidays.
Pop over to Sophie's for some other great FMFs..

I came across this lovely barkcloth dress at an Antique shop (bit like the Woolloongabba Antique Centre set up) at Miami. 
The stall owner told me it was from the 70's and that it came from New York! 
She has a seller in New York that sends her trunks of this sort of old clothing from around America. 
I believe (or fantasise) this gorgeous dress was owned by a gorgeous 'Betty White' type who used to live in Florida. She used to wear it to afternoon drinks by the pool, sipping 'pink flamingos'.
We did a day trip to Tamborine mountain on holidays and in a cute little antique/ collectibles shop I dug around and found this mint condition single bed bedspread from the 70's. 
I am not sure what this will become yet, the creative thinking cap is on. 
Love the colours and the tassells!!
All the best to the kids who went back to school today. 
I hope there wasn't to many tears around Brisbane.
My three are back tomorrow, so we are last minute book shopping and book covering today.
Nothing like leaving it to the last minute.
Last day of holidays, gosh time flies......


  1. love the bedspread, you always have to dig for the best bits! and the dress is divine, definately perfect for sipping cocktails by the pool

  2. Did you buy the dress?

    Great for school drop offs! Set tongues wagging!

    That bedspread is pretty cool ... I wonder what you could make from it? I'm sure you'll come up with something ingenius.

  3. Yep MMMC bought it, love it. Smidge tight, I don't exactly have the same figure as the mannequin. Wore it out today, no laughs so far.....

  4. Gee that bedspread is lovely! And good luck with the contacting today..!


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