Monday, January 10, 2011

The caravan tour

Well the (2) week holiday has begun and the weather has been very kind so far (in that it is only drizzling occasionally and not pouring rain).
This helps immensely with setting up.

Unfortunately our camping buddies are stuck in Gympie as the Bruce highway is impassable from flooding. They will hopefully make it here tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed!!

So I thought I would give you a quick tour of the caravan whilst it is looking reasonably neat.

Here is the sink, pantry, fridge, microwave and the all important air conditioner. Yep we do it real tough when we go camping (if you can call it camping).

Most of the time Charlie and I sleep down this end of the caravan.

Here is the stovetop. We usually cook outside on bbqs etc so the cooktop is rarely used.

This is Usually Ella's bed. The sleeping configuration can change from night to night. This area in the caravan is the actual dining/lounge area, but as you can see hubby has converted it into a bed.

Here is the other end of the caravan, which is usually where James and hubby sleep.
We camp a lot with friends so this can often turn into a 'hangout zone' for the kids: watching movies, drawing, playing games, craft etc.

Finally, here is the outside area. Hubby is fantastic at maneuvering the van right alongside the slab. I don't know how he gets it into the tightest of Spots, but he does. It is amazing to watch and not have to say or do to much.

Tomorrow hubby will need some 'tarp time' to erect the mother of all tarps so we have a bit more 'dry space' around the caravan.

Well I hope you have enjoyed the 'tour'. As you can see it is very comfortable set-up. Yep I do love camping.....

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  1. Ooh! Love the tour! Hope the weather holds out for you ... I think there may be a lot of inside Blythe-playing if it rains!


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