Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to school (take two)

I can  remember taking Ella and James into grade one like it was yesterday.

I remember the classrooms vividly, the teachers and who they sat with on their first day.

I have a terrible memory, so I am unsure why I remember this so well...
Maybe because I refresh this memory once every year or maybe just because it is such a significant day in a child's life (and a mother's life).

Regardless, it feels like yesterday......they grow up so fast....


  1. Hello!!

    What a lovely shot of your kids! It was my son's first day at big school yesterday. His room was affected by flood, so there were nearly 100 prep students in the school hall. Hopefully back in his classroom on Thursday. I agree it is a big day for the Mother just as much.
    I like your photo (you're still incognito with those glasses) and welcome back from holidays!

  2. Yes, Hello!

    Beautiful children! They are! And I have just seen your shot on the side ... I'm guessing you must have beautiful blue eyes just like the babies!

    Or do you have a pull cord which makes your eyes change colour?

  3. Thanks ladies....
    R&S-so sorry for little preppies not in their own room. I bet they had fun though...?
    MMMC-ha ha lol!!! Blue chips (eyes) come from hubby. Good looks is definately not one of my virtues


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