Monday, January 24, 2011

Mid Century Blythes

Ella spent some (most) of her Christmas gift money on Blythe furniture and accessories.
We picked up the bits and pieces from the post office today.
I have to say there seems to be a bit of a mid century feel about the purchases.
Perhaps we were influenced by some of our fellow mid century blogging friends.
Mind you,  I have desired some of these panton chairs for a while now.
After I rob the bank I might buy some.....ha, never to be.

Some new glasses with lenses

Fern is looking marvellous in her new casual outfit, sunglasses, and converses. She appears very comfortable (and groovy) in her mid-century lounge chair. She just needs a glass of Pimms in her hand....


  1. I LOVE THEM!!

    Are you trying to drive me insane!?

    You must have the coolest Blythes on the planet!! And the coolest daughter!

    I'd love to come over and play!


  2. Thought you might like it!! The postage costs of this stuff is a bit of a killer however. No more for a long while now, we do need a table to go with the chairs however.....

  3. Not fair. Those dolls have cooler stuff than me! xx


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