Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Charlie's Blythe doll

During the rainy weather yesterday Ella & I visited some local thrift shops along the main highway here at the coast.
We found an assortment of bits and bobs, nothing to exciting.

I picked up this 'unusual' looking doll for $1.00 because she had some jeans on and I thought I would risk my $1.00 and see if the jeans fit our Blythe dolls.

We get home from shopping and as a joke I said to charlie "I bought you a doll love". So he rushes out to the car to see his new doll.

Well we are all a bit surprised at his affection towards his new 'Blythe doll" which he initially named Trixie but has since changed her name to "Blondie".

I have never seen this type of doll before, but in her heyday she must of made sound as she has a battery and speaker.

Blondie looks like she was well loved and like the toys on Toy Story she has left "Sunnyside" and found a new devoted owner (for a while anyhow).

So here she is, charlie's new 'Blythe' doll Blondie........

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1 comment:

  1. Blondie has big eyes, and I'm pleased she has a new friend in Charlie. :)


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