Saturday, January 1, 2011

HNY once again and there is a new blogger on the block

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.
I hope you all enjoy good times, good health and  prosperity throughout 2011.

I don't make resolutions any more as they are never kept or thought of much.
I just prefer to think of some 'no pressure' goals to try and achieve (maybe).
  • Finishing  projects before starting some new ones
  • No more fabric purchases until we have returned from caravan adventure
  • Increase the size of the recipe repertoire 
  • Enjoy cooking more
  • Encourage kids to cook more
  • Fill up the petrol tank before the empty light comes on.
  • Take the time to comment on the lovely blogs I 'lurk' around
  • Get out of bed earlier and do some 'mild' exercise (and sustain it)
  • Visit op shops much much less
  • A community minded activity (that isn't related to the children)
  • Work more (paid work) to help pay for petrol for Caravanning adventure
Yep, shall see how that goes for 2011.

Ella has been inspired by some other young girls who have Blythe dolls and blog.
"The Secret Life of Ruby' was started several days ago and is written in the 'first person' from her doll Ruby's perspective.

Ella really enjoys reading and writing journal's etc so writing a blog seems like a natural progression.
(I still can't believe she is playing with dolls. It makes my heart sing.)
Getting time on the computer seems a little bit more difficult now though.
Feel fee to visit.

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