Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Creative space

Well the wheels are well and truly in motion here for the big around Australia adventure.
The excitement is mounting for this family of (5)!
The lists are getting shorter.
Farewells are being said.
Schoolwork is organised.
Busy, busy, busy!

I gathered a huge amount of motivation this week to finish the 'Winona' quilt to take on the journey.
Nothing like a deadline I say!
Yay! Finished, washed and hanging out to dry as I write this post.

I have also quickly whipped up several of these bags which will be used by the kids to put their pyjamas in (instead of leaving them on the floor).
They will look like a cushion really when they are stuffed full of pyjamas.

The Travel Journals were also completed this morning..
 The Sewing machine is being packed away.
Things are really getting serious around here.
Visit the blog 'Creative Spaces' for more  inspirational craftiness.


  1. I'm inspired. I want a pyjama bag too!
    Your Winona quilt is incredibly clever and groovy. I have no doubt your caravan will have the coolest decor of them all!

  2. It will be hard for you to pack away the sewing machine. Guess the crochet hooks are packed. How long are you all going for?

  3. Ooooo have a great time...we went caravanning for a month in March and i loved it...except for the getting sick part (note to self wash hands better.)
    I adore that quilt xoxoxo

  4. the quilt looks divine and i love the yellow chair infront of it too :-P
    happy travelling!

  5. What a gorgeous quit... caravans are just too cool.. LOve it!!

  6. Your quilt is s-e-n-s-a-t-i-n-a-l Megan! I love it times 100!
    What an exciting and wonderful adventure you've all got ahead of you, I am insanely jealous, but thrilled for you at the same time x

  7. Wishing you well on your grand adventure.
    The quilt is beyond belief, as are the pyjama bags. I stand absolutely in awe. Can't wait to hear about the trip.

  8. Fantastic creations! Love all the caravans you've incorporated in them. Bon voyage!

  9. megan i love your caravan quilt and cool pj bag. you put me to shame. i haven't even made my peg bag! we head off next tuesday. how about you? good luck with your excellent adventure

  10. The winona quilt is fabuloso!Love the pj bags as well, don't even get me started (again) on the awesomeness of that yellow casala chair.

  11. Your caravan quilt is magnificent, I cant wait to show it to my craft-guru mother-in-law who was only today talking about a making a caravan inspired quilt for herself. I'm crazy for maps and I think your pj bags and journals are brilliant too x

  12. Love the quilt, love the pj bags, love the journals... all wonderful ideas for a great adventure. gxo

  13. Your caravan quilt is the best quilt I have ever seen! Lynda

  14. Wow! You are such a lovely Mum. Your quilt is just so stunning and I love those pyjama bags - very inspiring.

    Happy trails!
    Pam x

  15. I just found your blog.. I adore your caravan quilt.. wishing you a wonderful trip.. you are going to have a fantastic time..

  16. The quilt and cushion covers are fabulous. Looks like one very comfy-meets-stylish caravan.


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