Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Preperation steps up....

A date has been set for departure!!
Very exciting I must say!

Naturally feeling like there is so much to do and so many things to think of.....

Naturally I am prioritising totally pointless things.
A trait that I have refined into an art.
For example, I found (3) identical Australian 1982 souvenir tea towels at a thrift store so they just HAD to be made into pillowcases for the kids.
Absolutely essential I say.
Cannot leave without them! 
Yes problems I do have!!

Thankfully, Hubby is doing constructive activities such as buying bird identification books; setting up mobile Internet; getting plumbers to fix leaking toilets; getting vehicle serviced; organising pool checks etc etc.

We all have our strengths I say.........


  1. well i just love the pillowcases and vote them no. 1 priority.


  2. You have the right strengths!

    I think they are quite possibly the BEST pillowcases I have ever seen.

    1982 was a great year.

  3. That's so exciting. You certainly want things to be pretty and comfy;) Love the pillowcases. :)

  4. You have obviously been taking notes from Foxslane when it comes to priorities! Those teatowel pillowcases are fantastic and were obviously meant for you- to find 3 identical is unheard of so obviously supports your otherwise dubious priorities. Also really love your map of Australia- would look fantastic as a cushion cover. melx

  5. Love the Aussie map that is awesome you will have to embroider your trail across it as you go! those pillowcases are unreal , amazing to find THREE!

  6. Perfect pillows,so you don't get lost-right?

  7. How very exciting. Remember you have to stop by and meet me and all the Darwin girls (hopefully I'll be one by then!).
    Think of all the wonderful teatowels you'll be able to collect on your adventure.
    Adore your pillow cases!!


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