Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getaway report

Yep it was a hoot!
Plenty of laughs, food, softdrink, luxury, taking your undisturbed time about things, laughs, laughs and more laughs. 
Love the family but gee it was good to get away.
Some locals directed us to the BEST destination: Bangalow.
This little place ticked many a box for me I have to say.
Lots of vintage. Lots of creativeness. Lots of good local food and restaurants. Lots of nice locals.
What a discovery.
The monthly market was on in the showgrounds and it was great.
It is huge so if you ever plan to go, leave early and spend the day.
Bangalow Markets

The pub was unreal, the old beauty saved with a touch of modernness. Great lunch was had there.

Great doors everywhere in the pub. Cute dog patiently waiting outside.
Discovered "Heath's Collectibles" in a tucked away lane way.
Treasure trove of great stuff.
Heath is a friendly chap, keen for a chat.

Some wares from Heath's collectibles
Back to good ol' reality today with a bit more energy and enthusiasm. 


  1. How funny. We went were in that part of the world last weekend too. Maybe you passed us along the way! I think a girl's weekend like yours would've been a hoot. xx


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