Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Powerhouse Museum

Hubby and I had a lovely night out last night at the Powerhouse Museum in Brisbane.
Hubby bought tickets to the Paul Kelly A-Z concert which was fabulous. 

We rarely go to live shows but we seem to be in the midst of a concert smorgasbord, which is feeling a little extravagant. (U2 to come next week) It is hard but I am coping.

I was a big fan in the 80's, so I thoroughly enjoyed it last night listening to his unique sound and his stories behind his songs. 
He is the master storyteller/ songwriter, turning memories of going to the local swimming pool after church on a Sunday into a number one song.
Dan Kelly (one of his sons) was on stage supporting him which I thought was very special. He is extremely talented as well.
Unbeknown to us there was an exhibition at the Powerhouse called 'Spare Parts' which was great to see as well.
Artists have created works out of discarded prostheses (eyes, legs, arms, hands). It was curated by an artistic lady who wears a prosthesis herself.

1. Hotrod Hermes (leg)  2. ? (leg)  3. Mr. Chip goes to Washington (arm)  4. The Venutian Leg up (leg)  5. Moonshadow (eye)  6. Ostre-sized (leg)
Aren't they amazing? Who would have thought??

On the subject of art, here is what my talented girl bought home from school yesterday:

Ella's school had an artist come to school and help the kids draw this portrait with pastels. Isn't it incredible? There were lots of proud Mums at pickup yesterday I have to say.  A friend and I were at Officeworks first thing this morning 'preserving' our pastel masterpieces with lamination (to big for my trusty laminator). Santa is now proudly 'blu-tacked' to the wall for all to see. 

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