Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Framed wallpaper

Many thanks to 'Brismod' for the suggestion to frame this vintage wallpaper.
It looks lovely, I just need to find a spot for it now.
Still 1.8 metres to go........


  1. That does look great! What an ingenious suggestion.

    Have you got a doll's house you could wallpaper?

    If you're interested (I'll send you a photo) ... I have some vintage wallpaper ... I could swap you 20cms (or whatever) ... I'm toying with wallpapering a doll's house. I think I have about 2m to utilise.

  2. Great idea MMMC. Happy to share the wallpaper love. There is a potential doll's house (or rooms) in the pipeline. Watch this space I will see if I can email you.

  3. Well, finally someone takes my good advice!! It looks gorgeous - fun and happy. Love the brandy balloon. How clever to put a votive candle in it. I bet that looks stunning at night. xx

  4. I would never have thought of framing the wallpaper like that but it really does look good! I have the same brandy balloon as you but in purple. Lovely.

  5. Thanks ladies, the frame looks really great against white walls. I am going to have to do some bigger frames I think. It is a very happy print.

  6. Looks fantastic, and a very cheerful print. I like everything in that image!


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