Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas sewing

I had a bit of a sewing marathon yesterday making Christmas presents.
The older kids were great, entertained themselves well.
However, I was often interrupted by my little friend Charlie, "Can you help me catch some lizards Mum?".
At one point I found him digging under rocks with a fork. 
The desperation levels were at fever pitch.
Heaven help you if you are a spider, insect, or lizard around here at the moment.
If caught, your destination is Charlie's bug catcher, for at least a night.

The first sewing project was this bag made from a vintage 70's tea towel.
I made this one to test some measurements.

These (2) bags are presents for Sisters-in-laws.
I will be adding 'Body Shop" type of stuff as well.

This bag is for my mother.
She likes this Denise Schmidt fabric.

Finally, a pencil case for a niece made from an old experimental patchwork block.

Finally getting there with the Christmas gifts, thanks goodness.


  1. You're a very talented sewer, Miss Megan.

    Those few things would have had me swearing like a wharfie. And now I think of it, because I'm 5ft tall ... I'd be swearing like a dwarfie.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. They look terrific. You are a great sewer! xx

  4. Thanks Brismod. Yep that storm yesterday was a cracker. I was finishing work and running to the car in it. Soaked to the skin.


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