Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cherry on top award

I have been tagged for a 'Cherry on top Award' from Carmel (Make mine mid-century) which is truly lovely and greatly appreciated. Thanks Carmel.

To keep the ball rolling, I need to list (3) things I like and forward the award onto (4) other bloggers.
So here goes. I like:
  • The BeeGees. Not many days go by when I don't listen to Barry, Maurice and Robin and their 'harmonious' melodies and disco beats.
  • The 70's. There was no 'technology' back then that was updated every (5) minutes.  As a child you walked home from school every day and rode your bike wherever you wanted.  Let's not forget the brown and orange decor and crocheted ponchos.
  • Owning a caravan. Holidaying in a caravan allows me to feel like I am a (sort of) parent of the 70's. 'Go to the kiosk and buy some milk, lollies and ice please, stay together and don't talk to strangers!!" Housework is minimal (making beds and sweeping out the sand). There is something good about washing up in a bucket (and getting the kids to do it for something different).
Mon Repos 2009

Now to forward this award on:
  • Fun and VJ's Brismod's great style, simplicity and minimalism ticks boxes for me. I aspire to be a minimalist when I grow up. Bit hard when I keep going to op shops. I have loved following the renovation of a lovely queenslander home. These homes are full of character and very charming.
  • Love Sundays . Renee and her family have made a sea change to the country. As well as making great quilts Renee sews great clothes (something I gave up on doing in my 20s). I love her fabric choices.
  • The old Boathouse These (2) ladies buy and sell antiques and vintage items. What a great job! I love looking at the stuff they have for sale on line and at several outlets in Brisbane.
  • The Royal Sisters Michelle is one great 'crocheter'. She makes great stuff and is lovely enough to write great, easy to follow patterns that she shares online.
Thanks again MMMC for tagging me.


  1. Aww gee! Thanks for the award. I was reading your cool responses and thinking you're my kind of blogger - a BeeGees-listening 'nostalgic for the '70s caravan lover! Thanks again! xx

  2. I've just recently rediscovered the BeeGees as I saw Robin Gibb live a few weeks ago! They were pretty special songwriters. And, yep, the 70s. And, yep, caravans. You like pretty cool stuff.

  3. I like your three things! Have a great time away with the turtles, family and caravan.x

  4. Pleasure, Megan ... I like knowing more about what you like. I also appreciate your approach to life and motherdom.

    I dread the thought of a camping holiday, but that photo up there makes me think maybe one day I'll reconsider.

    There are some cool Brisbane bloggers. I think you're one of them, sista! But do something about those snakes for crying out loud!


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