Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Vintage sheet fabric

Out and about yesterday and popped into one of the quilt shops I visit occasionally.
My heart skipped a little beat when I saw they had some of the "Dream On" range made by Moda Fabrics.
It is based on old vintage sheets.
Hard to resist.
Another project for the new year to add to the growing pile.

Also popped into Lifeline to make a quick visit to the tea towel section and found this rabbit number. 
Was planning to make a bag for one of Ella's friends similar to this vintage donkey one I made for her.
Just not to sure about the donkey and hedgehog???


  1. Great fabric haul! I can see another gorgeous quilt to kick off the new year. That hedgehog and carrot does conjure lewd thoughts.

  2. Yep it might just be a little 'wrong' Sonia

  3. You two! I just saw this post!

    Fabulous fabrics ... love those tea towels ... I'm going to have to find the tea towel section of op shops now.


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