Monday, December 20, 2010

One family christmas done

We had my side of the family for a Christmas lunch yesterday which was lovely.
The weather gods were not good to us as it was pouring rain and a bit cool.
The Christmas spirit was not dampened however.
Lots of ham, prawns, turkey, salad, swimming, cricket games etc etc.

Ella and I whipped up a very 'fruity' pavlova for desert.
Any opportunity to turn on my 70's sunbeam mix master makes me one happy momma.
I bought this baby on Ebay about a year ago and it is the exact one my mother had when I was a child.
The sound and the smell of the engine whirring takes me back.

 Yep the Sunbeam did well.


  1. My mother had the same mixer (still does) and I can smell the motor, oil and sweet stuff too! That pav looks yum! Merry Christmas.

  2. Wow! Looks terrific. Check out the directions on the mixer too - my Mum used to have an old Braun mixer which was not as retrolicious as yours. xx

  3. Wow! I love that mixer. It's gorgeous with its mix of brown and cream. Isn't the brain amazing ... just the sound and smell can evoke such memories.

    I'd love to smell it to see what it is that prompts your memory!

  4. MMMC the smell is very distinctive, it is like it is about to blow up kind of smell. Bit scary with children round really. Once again, mix on til the death.


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