Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Introducing our Blythe dolls (and new obsession)

Prior to becoming a tomboy at about nine or ten years of age, I was mad about dolls.
Baby dolls, cots, prams, Barbie and Ken dolls, Barbie townhouse, Barbie Camper vans etc etc were my prize possessions.
 They were rarely left idle for to long.
They were my 'thing'.

Having Ella made me all excited as a new parent about having a girl and playing 'dolls'.
I bought this doll and that doll hoping to see the mad passion for dolls I felt as a child.
There was a little bit of interest, but nothing was ever sustained.
Ella's 'thing' ended up being puppies, kittens, or any sort of animal.
I wisely gave up on the whole doll 'thing' and started buying her animals for Xmas and birthday presents.
 Happy days for Ella.

Several weeks before Christmas Ella stumbled across Amy's blog (Badskirt)  and discovered her Blythe doll.
Much to my surprise it was love at first sight for Ella.
A quick note was written to Santa which was great because Santa didn't know what to get Ella at this point.

So here they are.......
Ruby and Fern Blythe



The Blythe doll was first produced in 1972  by Kenner toys.
The doll was not very popular then because of it's 'eerie' appearance.
Blythe was 'revisited' in 1997 when a photographer (Gina Garan) took photos of her original Blythe doll and eventually published a book of photos in 2002.
This gave the doll some momentum again.
Takara toys of Japan then gained the licence from Kenner toys and started producing the doll again (NeoBlythe).
(sorry about the history lesson)

This is the original 1972 Kenner Blythe TV ad.
Very 'catchy' and entertaining don't you think? LOL.
Very very 70's!


  1. TWO! Are they both Ella's? Or is one yours? I'm completely intrigued and mesmerised! With so many questions ... I don't think you can get them in Australie?

    Where do you source these dolls or exquisiteness and grooviness? I love your two!

    I just watched that ad with my beautiful blue eyes blinking and my big red mouth dropped open and salivating!

  2. Gosh you are funny, now I have an image of you watching that ad that is stuck in my head and making me laugh, once again.
    I realise I am a sad 40+ yo woman who got a doll for Xmas but yes I am quite taken with them. Together we are planning dolls houses, outfits,which is lovely. Team Blythe here at O&E.
    They are on Ebay, just do a google search. But you need to do alot of looking around as the same doll can have many different prices.

  3. How interesting and how hilarious. MMMC will be scouring the internet for these dolls, you know!

    I think they're pretty cool and if I had a daughter, I know I'd be crocheting little handbags for them as well!!

  4. Just came back to see where you got them! That Brismod ... she's a joker! (Dammit. She knows me too well!)

    O&E, I think it's lovely you have your own Blythe!

  5. Oh they are adorable and how lucky are Ruby and Fern to be adopted into such a great family, with such an eye for detail to the clothes a 70's Wide-Eye Girl should wear. Well done.

  6. Wow, I really delighted to see your images. I love this charming doll and just collected my new Blythe at PIJ. I am really happy to get this :D


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