Friday, December 10, 2010

Mon Repos

Well we have spent a very special (4) days at Mon Repos with some great friends.
(14) kids, (7) parents, and (2) grandparents. (23 for dinner, no worries)
A great time was had by all.

Kids were kept busy and happy by long hours spent swimming, boogy boarding, building dams, running races, turtle watching, rock collecting, insect collecting, bike riding, keeping an eye out for snakes, eating, and sleeping. 
Not to forget an occasional movie and DS game for the sake of physical rest and parental sanity.

Early morning walks were a highlight. 
The first morning Ella and I counted 25 turtle tracks from the night before. 
The rangers and volunteers had had a busy night.

Seeing this turtle head back to sea after laying was very special. 
She was heading back just after 5am.

A quick walk up to the Conservation Centre to take in a bit more information about turtles and find out what the nightly groups saw was part of our morning ritual.

Special place.
A special holiday not to be forgotten in a hurry.


  1. Wow! Lovely mother turtle. How relaxing ... how old was the youngest child? Out of practical curiousity ... what a relaxing holiday.

  2. Hey MMMC, Our youngest child was 4 and a half yo.The rest were 5, 9, 10 and one 12yo.

  3. Thank you O&E ... good to know what ages best handle a camping holiday ... gives me a few years to come around to thinking about buying a caravan!


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