Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flea Market finds

Snuck away from the kids last week at Mon Repos with some of the girls to check out the Lifeline in Bundaberg.
Picked up this lovely linen cross-stitched number with crocheted edging.
Someone has put alot of time into this, so out of respect I had to buy it.

As a child I  watched 'Lassie'. That show had me in tears a fair bit from memory.
Found this old Lassie book and bought it thinking Ella would enjoy it.
She is an avid reader and has read alot of books (including old novels).
She read a few pages and that was it, didn't like it, which surprised me.
Oh well, it has an appealing vintage appearance.

Lastly, Ella's flea market find from a few weeks ago.
  Our neighbourhood had a council curbside pick-up.
Pickings were pretty slim, but she did manage to bring home this 'boom box'.
We found a cord that fitted and yep she works and sounds pretty good.
It conjures up an image in my head of someone skating/ rollerblading down the road with this thing on their shoulder.
80's style.


  1. I'll give you $5 if you squeeze onto a crowded bus with that thing on your shoulder, playing Bronski Beat really loudly.

  2. Now that's an image that makes me laugh. MMMC you'd have to up the stakes, I am very shy. Imagine the looks from the 'ipodders'.

  3. Oooo nice finds, well done, looks like your week was as super as mine ;))

  4. Love the doily, and yes I aways cried with Lassie films but I did love them
    Have a great week


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