Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday morning op shop hop

A few more 'treasures' collected this morning. 
There is an underlying kitsch travel souvenior theme (just to warn you).

Aussie linen teatowel. Apparently it is a good idea to soak these beauties in salt water before washing to help 'hold the colour'.

(4) cross stitched placemats. I have a few different things in mind for these.

As embarrassing as it is, I cannot go past these hand knitted toys. This one is in absolute mint condition. I have a strong feeling that Ned Kelly (AKA Charlie) is going to take a liking to this one.

This tablecloth is a gift for a friend who loves anything with hibiscus flowers on it.
Finally, I have added to our coathanger collection and for 50c I could not pass on these souvenior Florida coasters.


  1. That's a fab haul ... you have a knack, as does Ope Shope Hope and Curbside Style - you girls have me shaking my head in awe!

    I went to an Op Shop today and just gave them stuff. Maybe I'm at the wrong Op Shop ... I'll get out a bit more.

    Love the blue in the first tea towel.

  2. Thanks MMMC, sometimes you have to d-i-g around and under things. I am one teatowel away from making a quilt out of 'australiania' linen teatowels.It is so wrong it is right!

  3. I love Australiana tea towels. A quilt would look fabulous. xx


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