Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative space

My creative space today is end of year Teacher's presents.

My process has been held up by my boys lack of 'investigative skills'.

IE "Find out in a discreet manner what your teacher's favourite colour is" is perhaps to hard.
It turned into "Ask your teacher her favourite colour today please". Still waiting.......

For Ella's teacher, crochet 'something' to be added.....????


  1. Oh, that's a great idea to make something for the teachers. It ends up being do expenisve doesn't it.

    I'd crochet something to add to that little case.

    Very cute!

    Are they your four sons in the back? I like their school uniform.

  2. HA! look at those little fellas :) Lello is always a hit, who doesn't love a little ray of sunshine. ;)


  3. Ahhh... that made me laugh.
    Yes yes yes. I too must start making little gifts for the teachers and carers in our lives. So much tricker than it sounds.


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