Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Creative space

Much of the same creative stuff in the space today.
The laminator has been in overdrive.

Bookmarks/ Christmas cards for the boys of Ella and James' classes. Relented to pressure and bought some cheap and nasty candy canes. They colour co-ordinate well I think.

Ella's creative space today.
A lego self portrait.


  1. I thought 'candy canes and cheap christmas cards' this morning too ... the pressure to give one to every member of the class! I've had a number of years where we've been the only family not to hand anything out ... I think I'd better not be an outcast this year.

    Your laminating is wonderfully impressive ... does the plastic cost a lot to refill?

  2. The candy canes defintely christmas-ey up the bookmarks, and colour coordinate perfectly. They're great! The litte bicycles are groovy.
    NEW header! I love it - your old one too though. I'm very keen to learn crochet. I've bought the hook, and instructions!! Carmel's Closet and Lovestitch have me inspired on the crochet front.

  3. The book marks look great and the candy canes are the perfect match in size and colour. Nice one. I think i need a laminator!

  4. What a fantastic Idea, I love it, I think I have to buy a laminator for some craftiness with my girls on the weekend!!
    Thank you x

  5. seriously, your daughter did that lego picture? It's AMAZING!!! Have I missed other posts from hyou on how to do this? Off to look.

  6. Thanks Ladies
    MMMC-I think the sleeves were like $20 for 100 of them. I bought them ages ago with the Aldi dud, so not totally sure what they cost. Not much

    R&S-Also try 'Crochet Spot', 'Attic24'- they have some easy tutorials. Often if you just google something like 'How to do double crochet' you will find a video tutorial will pop up.I am a very visual learner so find these very helpful. I am more than happy to help you.

    Love sundays and Kate: Great value for $50

    Aimee: Unfortunately this was created using a free iphone application, nothing to creative at all. Kids love it, i think it makes them feel creative.

  7. We have done the lego app too :-) You class goodies looks so nice!


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