Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flea Market Find

Today I am joining "Flea Market Finds" hosted by Sophie at

I am cheating a bit as I bought this scarf a while ago, but it has turned into one of my favourite possessions.
I love wearing scarves and since finding this one the other scarves in my wardrobe rarely see the light of day.

What makes it even more special was what the lady in the op shop said to me when I bought it.
"This belonged to my deceased mother".

I was a bit taken aback and lost for words.
I can remember thinking in my head "quick say something appropriate here".

"I really love it, I promise to take good care of it"
"Did she travel alot?"

So it all ended well. She told me a couple of nice things about her Mum.
It was nice to learn something about the person who bought my favourite scarf many years ago in Perth.


  1. Lovely!
    And an excellent response! I don't know what i would have said!

  2. That's pretty snazzy. I've never seen Perth look so good. Then again, I've never seen Perth.

    Your response was sensitive ... better than, "I'm glad you didn't bury her in it." That wouldn't have gone down well.

  3. Lovely scarf and lovely story to go with it!

  4. i absolutely adore scenic scarfs! the story behind it is moving. :)

  5. Sweet story and lovely scarf, I'm a bit of a scarfaholic too. Love tourist scarves, they seem to be quite collectors items now. x


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