Friday, November 19, 2010

Fabric Friday

I love Fridays.
Who doesn't?

My Friday morning was pretty average but it has ended with a big bang!!
The boys and I stopped at the shops and made a quick detour to a Lifeline store.

This particular store is usually not very fruitful but today it was!!
A double bed vintage sheet set still in the packaging!

This is something you don't see much.
I am unsure what to do with these 'luxury, 100% cotton, made in Australia' sheets.
Perhaps I will just quilt both sides together. 
Mmmm. Not sure.

On arrival home, this package was on the front doorstep.

These two lovely fabrics were inside.

Bird Patchwork fabric.
I am thinking cushions for this half yard.

Ronnie Walter 'Retro Campers' fabric was also in the package.  Something for the caravan will be made out of this very cute fabric.    I love Fridays.

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