Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How is your Tuesday going???

Things are 'caravanning' along here nicely.......


  1. Amazing! Is that little caravan fabric I see as well?

    Hurry up and finish so we can see!!

  2. Good to see giving the Janome a workout. Look at your spotty table cloth too. You are like the colour queen. xx

  3. You and MMMC could have a fabric funday together!

  4. Good idea from Annie. Do you want to raid the stash? There's a lot here. Spread the love, an' all. You'll need to meet me for a coffee though!

  5. This looks excellent so far... can't wait to see this finished.
    Do you also think of the song 'Caravan of Love' when thinking about caravans? I have a Caravan of Love Etsy idea but can't execute it as not an artist. Maybe you could.


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