Monday, March 7, 2011

Do you love vintage sheets?

If you do, Kellie from Green Tea and Red Nails is organising a 'Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap'.
What a great opportunity to boost your stash and add a bit of variety!!

You choose your own number of fat quarters: what you send in is what you will receive back.
There is plenty of time to find some good quality sheets in the thrift stores as it doesn't close until the 15th April.

The only costs are postage to and from Kellie (oh and the cost of your sheets of course).
A very easy fun swap for vintage sheet 'fans'.
Thank you so much Kellie for organising swap, great effort!!.

Just click on the link in my sidebar for more information if you want to join the fun...


  1. I keep coming back to this post thinking how tempting this is ... how many fat quarters do you think you'll send in?

    I'll have to go out and find some sheets.

  2. Do it Carmel, it will be lots of fun to see what you get back. I am hoping to send in about 10 I think.


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