Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flea Market finds

I popped into my favourite 'Vinnies' the other day on my way to the Quilt shop.

I couldn't leave behind this unusual, little bit 'kitschy' apron.
I have never seen anything like it before and I was quite taken by its 'uniqueness'.
I must say it is a bit hard to imagine wiping dirty greasy kitchen hands on these gorgeous white butterflies, isn't it?

I also picked up a couple of metres of 'old fashioned' gingham. It is much better quality than today's gingham from Spotlight.

Sometimes it is hard not to wonder about the stories behind some of the things you find in thrift shops isn't it??
Did the lady who made this apron use a pattern or make it up??
Why did her family not keep it as a 'momento' of her craftiness??
Questions I will never know the answer to I guess... 
I think it is a nice tribute to stop and think about these things for a wee while.

Have a nice Sunday. 
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  1. You are so right! The stories and histories of these odd little things make them into such treasures. There is something very cosy about having bits of similar minds' creativity floating about your home. It has to be good karma!

  2. That butterfly apron does look too good to use. I can envisage it fashioned into a skirt or worn creatively somehow.
    I always think of the story behind items at thrift stores too. Especially when there is some old fashioned cursive writing/name, or if it's a hand made item.
    Love your gingham!

  3. love that apron! i have made some aprons using pillowcases and doilies and i like wearing them over long flowy pants to dress up an outfit. i don't ever wear them when cooking but i probably should because i always wipe my hands all over my clothes - noice!!

    love the gingham too.


  4. The gingham looks great! That's a wonderful find. Maybe that apron was meant to go over a longer skirt to fancy-it-up, as Kirsty said? It's too special to have raw chicken juice wiped all over it.

  5. i think i'd melt for a butterfly apron such as this one... it looks so romantic! i can easily imagine a walk in the woods in it, no? ;)

  6. I love that apron and it has been thinking also of its history and how it came to be. What great colours too. Love the gingham.

  7. I love the teal roses too, gorgeous finds!

  8. Super duper apron - definitely of the "hostess" variety - all show and no utility! Love it!

  9. Lovely butterfly apron...I wonder if it was starched and stood out stiff. I think she used a pattern, there are so many lost and creative patterns out there

  10. I often think the same thing; why such lovely things end up in op shops? Your apron is the cutest

  11. Lovely find, I agree, it would be sacriligious to actually use it for cooking - imagine the horror of spag bol all over it. Possibly it was just for greeting hubby at the door and then removing ceremoniously!

  12. Gorgeous gingham! Wondering about the provenance of thrifty finds is one of my favourite bits of the whole experience.

  13. Oh that is one of the sweetest 'hostess' aprons I have ever seen. I have sold a few of them with 'Crinoline Ladies' crocheted on them, never seen a butterfly one. well done.

  14. I am loving all the apron love. Thanks Ladies! Lyndel you have me intrigued as to what the crinoline ladies look like, off to google it....


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