Saturday, March 5, 2011

Have you ever been into stamp collecting??

I have never been 'into' stamps.

Occasionally I might admire them, but I have never kept any, or started a collection.

Ella and I saw some vintage framed stamp collages at 'My Aunt's Travels' which I fell in love with. 
They seemed to be 'decoupaged' before framing. 
They looked fantastic.
We then stumbled across a packet of used stamps in a shop for $2.50 which got me thinkin we could have a go at a 'stamp collage'.

Here is the result:

There are no decoupage skills here, so we just popped it through the ol' faithful laminator, which did a wonderful job of looking like some 'decoupage' action had taken place.

I have developed a better 'appreciation' of our stamps.
They are little snapshots of history, art, Australian flora and fauna, Australian people and places.
I am going to be keeping a closer eye on the good ol' everyday stamp from now on.

Ella also made some wonderful bookmarks which came up a treat as well.

Do you collect stamps?
Do you do anything with them?


  1. I love your stamp collage/decoupage/laminatage ... there's a cute little stamp in there of some kids in a paddling pool! I've not seen that one before.

    And I love the little bookmark idea ... you could give that as a present with a bookish attachment.

    We've (I've) started collecting stamps again, because we dug out some of my husband's old stamp albums.

    But getting a stamp on a letter is uncommon now! Yes, it is. And if there is a stamp, it's one of those adhesive/sticker-type stamps which don't soak off the envelope very well.

    If I send a letter overseas I ask for a stamp, as opposed to a post office-printed label, because I think people are interested in them ... and if they're not, THEY SHOULD BE!

    That's enough from me for today.

  2. If i did collect, i'd be making them into a fantastic collage like that. Wow wee!! Love Posie


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