Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet our new caravan

We really love our Jayco Expanda, it is truly a comfortable van for a family of (5).

We have made the difficult decision of selling this one and buying a full caravan that will suit us better for travelling around Australia.

We have some good friends who have just done the trip and fortunately for us, they are selling their wonderful 'Coromal' full size van (which is absolutely perfect).

We feel this van is much more suitable as you just pull up and pull your awning out. 
There is no worries about pop-tops, making beds each stop, or having enough storage.
There is a wonderful bike rack on the back and a huge 150 litre fridge (which will mean less time wasted buying food supplies).

We spent the day with them yesterday catching up, getting some great tips, and generally realising that we need to 'get on with it and get organised' (because there is so much to do).
So we came away very excited and motivated to use the (15) weeks we have left to really get on top of things before driving off into the heart of our great country.

So here she is (It was a bit difficult to take external photos, so have borrowed a photo off Coromal website)

The wonderful fridge

The kitchen and dinette area

The parent's bedroom. Heaps of storage in here as well as under the bed storage.

The kid's bedroom
As you can imagine, the excitement here is mounting as planning starts to move into full swing.
It all feels so surreal.
So looking forward to the 'simple' life and good quality family time.


  1. Wow! That is one amazing caravan...and huuuge! I would be really excited too.
    Pam x

  2. I am SOOOOOOO excited for you! What an adventure to be had. Your new caravan will look lovely when you have O&E-ified it with quilts, crochets etc. I want to go too!

  3. It looks wonderful.
    Will look forward to hearing of your grand adventure.

  4. oh how exciting and oh how posh is that caravan!!!! it'll be luxurious. enjoy x

  5. I'm actually seething with jealousy.

    No, I'm not! I'm excited for you and can't wait to join you via blogland on this absolutely riotous family holiday.

    And I'm especially excited about seeing the vintage soft furnishings you're going to create forr that wonderful van.

    Hugs and high fives to all Five! (Make that seven-soon-to-be-eight. Can't forget the big-eyed girls).

  6. Oh that is just SO cool!!! Lucky youse!!

  7. That is the stuff kids' (and grown ups') dreams are made of. You are sewing some seriously envious seeds out here!

  8. Thanks ladies!! It is very exciting, thanks for all your positive comments. The long list of things to do has been made longer by projects to 'customise' the coromal. Shame I can't change the upholstery on the dinette chairs.

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