Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flea Market finds

I popped into a thrift shop after work one day last week.

This particular thrift shop often has 'vintage' fabric in it.
I was once told that you can tell the age of some fabric by its width.
Fabric these days is 110cm wide whereas older fabric is only 90cm wide.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong about this.

So I picked up several metres of this vibrant (90cm wide) daisy and rose fabric.
The daisies tend to 'outdo' the roses in this print, but I think the roses are rather lovely.
I also came across this crocheted cat in my favourite colour.
For 50cents I couldn't leave him behind.

I am really not sure what he was made for but I have popped him into the kitchen with the pen and notebook so he now looks rather 'functional'.

Pop over to Sophie's place and share your 'flea market finds' today.....


  1. Ye ole' crocheted kitty is very nifty indeed. I like how you made him practical. Very cute! I like the vintage fabric. I agree the daisies to slightly over power the dainty blue roses. But how lovely they all are.

  2. wonderful finds! love the cat, it's gorgeous.


  3. ha ha ha... i love your way of putting that cat into function... and enjoy the fabric very much, actually. true, i only saw the daisies until you pointed out the roses. and true. those roses are quite stunning.... in blue!

  4. I think the cat was made for that job - looks great (and I have a soft spot for orange too!). The fabric is lovely as well,

  5. Love your use of the cat - it made me smile :)

  6. I love the fabric, I know you say that the daisies take over but I found my eyes fixed to the roses, once you concentrate on the roses then really stand out.

  7. I would have bought that cat too, very cool! and a lovely fabric find too :)

  8. I love that shade of blue and white together, but you're right about the roses. I wouldn't have noticed them if you hadn't mentioned them.

    My Flea Market Find


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