Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I was taken back to 1982 today....

I went to the Chandler pool today to watch James swim in a boys school swimming championships.

It is the second time I have been to watch and I just love sitting in the stands feeling like it is 1982.
My main memory is Tracy Wickham winning gold for the 400m and 800m.

Oh and who could forget the Kangaroo who winked at you whilst motoring around QEII stadium....I thought she was gorgeous.

I wonder what happened to Matilda??? Anyone know?
James didn't win any of his races but I was so proud of him!
As a little fella he used to look like he was riding a bike in the water instead of doing any form of swimming kick.

So my big boy has come along way!

It bought a tear to my eye when he gave me a wave each time before his race.
Good on you Jamesy!!!
Terrible Photo, but here he is ready to  do breaststroke in lane (6)
What are your memories of 1982?


  1. Aah yes, Matilda the Kangaroo. I remember. Twelve years old and eyes glued to the little TV watching it all unfold in our state's capital.

  2. Having the mumps during the 1982 Commonwealth Games. At least there was something to watch on TV. xx

  3. I'm sure I saw Matilda at Wet'n'Wild Waterpark... And in '82 I was in Year 7 and living in Cairns, but the Commonwealth Games was so exciting. I was also keeping an extensive scrapbooking obsession with the Princess of Wales alive...

  4. I was a "smurf" ... one of many Yr 8 high school kids dressed in either a blue (me), red or white toweling tracksuit with matching blue placard at QEII Stadium. We made all the pictures on the ground, like the Australian Flag, with the changing placards. To this day when I hear Peter Allen sing "I Still Call Australia Home", I know the cues of when to raise my placard in the right places. We obviously practiced a lot!


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