Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Childhood wheels

I have recently joined Pinterest.
Now there is another fabulous, Internet based, time 'consumer' of mammoth proportions.
What an amazing phenomenon! 
A virtual online pin board of inspiration.

This morning I 'repinned' this fabulous photo of a bike that is exactly like the first bike I owned as a child.


Oh boy, it takes me back.
I absolutely loved it!

I do remember it wasn't a particularly fast bike and I did struggle on the dirt hills but that was OK.
I didn't need to go fast.

I am likin' Pinterest.......alot!

PS If you wish to join and you need someone to invite you , feel free to leave your email address in the comments. 
They give you (5) invites.


  1. Can you invite me please? I keep asking to be invited and I think they're ignoring me ...

    Cool wheels, dirtwork girl.

  2. I had one too but I had handle bar streamers. I would like handle bar streamers for my car ha. We often get old bikes just like this for restoration, they are a classic, cheers Katherine

  3. Ooh, yes, I have crazy love for Pinterest. Popped over via Mid Century. So nice to 'meet' you here in your lovely blog. Your newest fan, XOL

  4. I just saw my button on your sidebar - what a lovely surprise:) I'm sure we've met before. So, great to reconnect!

  5. I know that bike, it's my friend's lovely steed!

  6. Have just discovered Pinterest... oh so time consuming but a fabulous idea. Love the bike. Georgie x

  7. How groovy is this bike?! Love the colour and vibe it's giving off. Summer time and not a care in the world!!


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