Saturday, March 5, 2011

A sneak peak....

Here is a sneak peak of an 'Australiana' quilt I have started.

It is made out of souvenir Australian linen tea towels that I have collected, most are from thrift shops and a few from Ebay.

I couldn't bear to cut up these kitsch and colourful beauties so I have left them in their wonderful original state.

I might have a go at cross-hatched quilting (criss-cross pattern) but the linen may be a bit to 'mobile' for my first attempt.

This baby may travel around Australia with us.........

PS look at the lonely lovely Frangipani flower that looks like it was strategically placed next to James' foot. 
One of my favourite flowers.

PPS sorry the quilt is upside down


  1. I love it. What a fab idea to make them into a quilt. xx

  2. Oh wow that is so cool!
    I absolutely love it.

  3. Oh my Lordy!! Can you please stop being so groovily creative? Otherwise I'm just going to have to high-tail it to your suburb and give you a big hug!

    That's gob-smackingly fantastic!

  4. That is stupendous! I love it. And frangipanis are one of my favourite flowers too - not too common down here in Melbs though.

  5. She is a very purdy quilt. So glad you didn't cut into them. I find it impossible to cut into old sheets and pillowcases too. I keep buying them to be crafty but just use them as teepee covers and special sleepover sheets. Your crafty stamps are lovely. Always wanted a laminator...

  6. This is very cool... I'm catching up on posts, and now with your caravan adventure to be had, can see many new tea towel purchases on the horizon.


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