Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage games

Hubby bought home some of his childhood games from his Father's place on the weekend.
All lovely and aged!
Scrabble and Yahtzee have stood the test of time haven't they?
Both still sold  and enjoyed today.

Hubby's mother has even made a little drawstring bag for the tiles.
They knew how to look after things back then.
The fabric is a wonderful classic 70's print.

Some used Yahtzee score cards were still in the box which gave us a chuckle.
Maris is Hubby's cousin and as you can see she had a great sense of humour and fun (which she still has).

Hubby thoroughly enjoyed playing his childhood scrabble game with his daughter on Sunday morning.
As you can see the scrabble tiles inspired a new Blog Header today.

I hope your week is off to a nice start!


  1. I love your new header! And I love that drawstring bag. So nice to keep the tradition alive in the family.

  2. ah it was you! i started reading your post earlier and then had to go and make my little maggie's tea. and then I couldn't remember where i had read it. but here it is. i just wanted to say, that's well cool, lucky you. but maybe the moment was lost:) hehehehe

  3. The new header is great although I ill always have a soft spot for the old one. Old scrabble is lovely. Less plastic, more wood and paper. We found a 1950's travel scrabble a few weeks back and the kids prefer it to the new one.

  4. There are lots of fond scrabble memories in my family too. Although we don't have a Maris!


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