Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bounce, rest, bounce...

I love photography.
There is so much to it though.
The concepts are slowly slowly sinking in.
My simple brain can get 'confuzzled' by the whole thing.

Every now and then I play around with all the dials on the DSLR and even pop it onto 'manual' mode. (crazy I know)
On the weekend I was attempting to play around with shutter speed and take photos of James bouncing on the trampoline.
I don't think I could have made that shutter go much faster and there was still blur and fuzz.

The photo on the right is my best effort from our short 'shoot'.

More practise, practise, practise is needed so I can take some lovely photos of our travels to have as special memories.

Do you play around with your 'dials'? or do you just shoot in automatic or semi automatic modes?

(I do love aperture priority for portraits)


  1. I used to teach photography about twelve years ago but between the baby brain and time eroding my memory, it is all a bit dim now. So I snap and go and waste about 90% of the DSLR advantages. You have inspired me to find the old camera manual and have a read!

  2. I've only just discovered Manual this past couple of months (and my photos are proof ... lots of over-exposure happening), but I figure I have to stick with it. It's still so tempting to turn the dial to auto and let it happen, but I'm fairly determined at the moment to master this thing. Photography is a wonderful interest.

  3. Hmmm I wish I could speak your language. Me no speak DSLR. One such camera is on the horizon...

    Your photos always look gorgeous to me, with lots of great colour and composition. The feet shot is most excellent.

  4. Megan, what brand of camera do you have?

    I ask everyone who has a DSLR. I'd love one. I think they make all the difference. Your photos look fine to me ... I especially love your Blythe shots. So clear and crisp.


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