Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Blythe swap partner

Ella and I  received our Blythe swap goodies last week.
Oh boy, what a lovely stash of Blythe  treasures.
Some gorgeous dresses made from fabulous material; a cute heather ross cushion; pyjamas; a great pair of brown boots; and some cute little blythe sized sewing accessories.
We felt extremely lucky.
As you can see our swap partner is an amazing sewer.
She obviously has fantastic fine motor skills- look at the intricate detail on the dresses and pyjamas.
Thank you Amanda, it is truly amazing and so so appreciated!!


  1. I saw that skirt a few days ago. You girls are lucky. The Blythe World is a bit like the Blog World, but for dolls.

    I feel like I'm being drawn into its vortex!

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