Thursday, February 17, 2011

My creative space

It has been a busy week here with school swimming carnivals, netball semi-finals, school sport, sleepovers etc etc.
I haven't managed to fit in to much creative 'leisuretime' (not that I am complaining).
I am very motivated to finish this Babette blanket, so have managed to 'block' the last section. 
Hopefully it will be dry by tonight and I can start crocheting it together.

For more creative inspiration, head over to Kootoyoo


  1. I'm not saying anything.

    No words can describe the magnificence of that blanket!

    I'm now going to have a strong coffee and contemplate your amazing abilities.

  2. I am in awe!
    That is the most beautiful blanket I've ever seen. Look forward to seeing the absolute end result.

  3. WoW!! Megan, your blanket is stunning. i have the pattern for this blanket but have found it daunting, don't know if i have the stamina to see it through, so i completely admire you! the colours you have chosen look fantastic. you must be stoked with it. have a lovely thursday.


  4. Looks amazing! Love the colours!

  5. That is one fabulous blanket! I just love looking at youer header. Every time it takes me back to growing up in a small Queensland town with a groovy Mum in maxis and platforms baking in a big kitchen with THAT wall paper on the wall. Do you know what it is called so I can track some down?

  6. Thanks so much for your kind encouraging words Ladies. Heaven knows any encouragement helps to get over the finish line with this one.
    Annie, right now I am wishing your mum was my mum, i bet she is still groovy?? Can you contact me via email? I can't seem to contact you.


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