Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flea Market finds

I didn't set out this week to go to any thrift shops.
However, I seemed to have 'stumbled' into a couple this week because I was either:  dropping off donations or in a very close vicinity to an op shop and curiosity got the better of me.

 A $2 Granny square blanket.
I love the uncoordinating colours that have probably been used by a crocheter of the older generation. She has more than likely grabbed whatever is in her stash.

 A lovely nylon teapot cosy.
A great colour combo..
 Now this is the find of all finds.
This beautiful handmade fully lined frock.
We all agreed in the op shop that the fabric was more than likely silk.
If it isn't silk it is a good copy of silk. It feels amaazing!
I have plans of having this shortened to just below the knee.

 Finally, a lovely doily not to be left behind....
Not a bad haul for someone who had a new year's resolution of staying out of thrift shops......?....


  1. the dress is heaven indeed, a lovely pattern... actually, at first glance i thought the doily went with the frock, the designs don't seem to fight with one another.... ;)

  2. That dress is absolutely stunning! I think it'll be even more so when you crop it.

    Will the Blythe girls get the off-cuts?

  3. That dress is absolutely beautiful, what a great find

  4. Awesome dress - love the fabric!

  5. Such gorgeous finds .. the tea cosy is such a winner and the dress not far behind.
    My Flea Market Find

  6. Imagine what you may have found if you were actually looking!

    So hard to stay away once you get a taste of those Op Shops.

  7. Such a cute tea cosy and great print on the maxi dress! Nice finds!!!

  8. Thanks ladies. I will be getting that dress altered soon, so I can wear it to a night out we have coming up.It is amazing....


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