Saturday, February 19, 2011

Freakin out

I am not sure what is freaking me out this morning the most:

This child begging to wear a dog's coat like it is a balaclava. 
(Mmmmm........bright future??)

or this overwhelming stage of one's life when a parent needs care and doesn't realise it.

Yep it is a tough one.

Oh well, all is to be forgotten for one night as Hubby and I are heading down to the coast for the night.
I will be spending the afternoon sitting on a lovely bed by myself, in the airconditioning, crocheting, and watching a movie whilst he is at the races in the heat with his Punter's club.

A great end to a busy week......


  1. Oh dear. Such a short post ... but so much in it.

    And so much I can relate to ... though I can't imagine a night in a Gold Coast hotel on my own (I'm not counting the husband). What bliss! Have a great time and don't think of any relatives.

  2. can i come too, i'll be really quiet. promise.


  3. How times have changed when we all get really envious of spending a Saturday night alone in cool, quiet, crafty heaven. Just think, nobody will ask you to do anything, find anything or even say anything -the sheer bliss!!!!

  4. I hope that you had a great weekend and enjoyed some 'me' time. The idea of being alone right now is VERY appealing.
    Funny boy, and clearly creative and imaginitive! Ageing parents does freak one out, I concur.


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