Sunday, February 6, 2011

Busy day on the tools...

I have had a big day sewing projects for Corrie's (Retromummy) Quilts for Queensland project.
It is rewarding to make something for someone who has endured such heartache and hardship.

Shovelling mud would have been much more helpful I'm sure, but I wouldn't have been good at it.
Excuses, excuses I know.
I take my hat off to anyone who got down and dirty and really helped out.
You are true heroes!
Lap quilt top made from 'Dream On' range from Moda
12.5 inch individual quilt blocks


  1. All so pretty. Somebody will be very grateful to receive one of these. I think helping in whatever capacity you can is a wonderful display of human spirit, and you should give yourself a big pat on the back. You're a good woman!

  2. R&S is always so thoughtful with her comments ... and she's right.

    Someone will get one of your quilts or blocks and when they think back on the floods or the Cyclone their eyes will drop with sadness and they'll see your beautiful fabric colours and realise the thought and work that's gone into that quilt ... and they'll remember the kindness of others.

    So you have helped immensely.

  3. The dream on quilt looks gorgeous i dont think you can go wrong with that fabric - my favourite :) Those blocks will look very smiley in a quilt too. Youve done a great job!


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